5 Facts that a WordPress Developer Should Know

5 Facts that a WordPress Developer Should Know

Since its introduction, WordPress has become one of the most loved platforms in the digital world. You can create your blogs with this platform and design new plugins, a new website, and so on. Such is the wonder of WordPress.

Now, the traffic which usually comes to this website is of two different types-

  • WordPress users who simply use the in-built themes, templates, and the plugins of the platform.
  • WordPress developers are aware of the website’s internal codes, and they can twist and tweak those codes to create something new.

Today, we will be discussing WordPress development since most of you are still unaware of this particular feature of the website.

However, before you begin, there are certain things that you must know. These facts are basically the beginner’s knowledge about the entire WordPress development process.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at these amazing facts!

WordPress Development Can Be Done In Different Development Languages

One of the basic facts about any web development is about language. For developing a website or an application, you need to code the functions, the template, plug-ins, and so on using a certain set of languages. In the case of WordPress, the major languages are Java, PHP, SQL, jQuery, CSS, HTML, and even JavaScript.

The File Names Always Follow a Hierarchy

Now, when you are looking for a template based on your website’s file name, WordPress’s directory will first find it using the name of your website. If no match is found, the directory will automatically shorten it into a generic name. Again, if no match is found, the template will be searched using an index. So, whenever the file name is called for the template, a proper hierarchy is followed.

Editing Of the Core Codes of WordPress Is Not Allowable

WordPress has its own libraries, methods, functions and other parts of the codes already developed. Over time, these codes are updated by the developers in the WordPress team. So, whenever you design something new, you have to twist the existing code. But, overwriting them or changing them is a straightway issue of violation and might prove to be fatal for your website.

You Need To Secure Your Website from Malware and Breaches 

You are using WordPress for creating different elements of the website. However, security and data privacy maintenance depends on you. So, if you are looking forward to securing your website against malware and breaches, you should use proper templates, hypertext security, and other coded algorithms.

WordPress Database Has Eleven Core Tables with the Information

Lastly, there is a separate WordPress database where all the information is stored. This database has eleven primary tables where the data pieces for different functions, templates, widgets, and others are stored. You should know how to handle the database properly for developing an impeccable website.

Now, WordPress has designed the codes and other facts so any amateur developer can use them to design their website elements. Sounding eager right? So, don’t wait up anymore and start discovering the hidden treasures of the website.

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