NLP and AI are becoming the future of SEO?

NLP and AI are becoming the future of SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is one of Google’s primary tools to determine an online business’s rank amidst its competitors and determine its worth. SEO is also essential to assess the ROIs and the sales leads of a business, especially if you pay close attention to the statistical data. Even though SEO has been in the market for a long time, the year 2020 welcomes new trends for Google’s strategizing tool.

Two of these new trends are the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool. Both these have a huge effect on the entire SEO algorithm, especially because Google’s ranking codes always trust both the AI and NLP tools’ results.

But that’s the story for another day. This article will focus on how both the AI and the NLP are changing the SEO strategies and helping the businesses earn stability on the online platform.

What Is Artificial Language And How It Works?

From the name itself, you can understand what artificial intelligence stands for. It is the way of creating intelligence at par with the human brain but artificially, which wouldn’t require any human involvement. It means that using AI, you can make a machine smarter and promote its work without you having to give anything at the input manually.

For example, the chatbots you see today are based on artificial intelligence. They run on codes and algorithms in a way where they can identify your options and phrases and reply accordingly. Similarly, Alexa plays the list of your favorite songs just by listening to your voice, deducing the meaning, and then responding in the desired manner.

What Is NLP And How It Is Implemented?

Human language has never been easier to understand. We use voice more than words as a primary way of communication. The first communicating way of the primal humans was either sign languages or some broken words. If you teach a baby to write and read, the baby will learn to speak first then write the words.

NLP or natural language processing is a branch of artificial intelligence that bridges the gap between the human language and the machine’s understanding. It is done by depicting the human voice, words, and thoughts, just like another human would do. NLP is implemented via machine learning codes, AI algorithms, and computational linguistic ideas.

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing The Strategies Of AI And NLP Into SEO?

Since both AI and NLP are fulfilling the gap between the machine and the humans, they have played an important role in instilling life within the online business. For example, in earlier days, business owners maintained the record books independently, using their intelligence. But now, AI can help them in maintaining the record books without human intervention.

AI and NLP aren’t just helping businesses to maintain their finances or uplifting their local businesses. Rather, these two technologies are helping the businesses to get a higher rank in the SERPs and optimizing their websites as per the 2020 rules of Google’s SEO algorithms.

How AI And NLP Are Helping To Overcome The Challenges?

Here we have described certain ways in which both the AI and the NLP are changing SEO in the digital marketing world.

  • NLP is one of the most efficient tools in building the internal links within the websites and discovering the perfect content logically.
  • Suppose you are adding a properly designed and structured metadata layer to the content. In that case, the NLP will add more content recommendations to the website, thereby helping you retain the audience.
  • The text and voice search mechanisms in the websites are facilitated by artificial intelligence, which will help the customers to navigate through the business swiftly.
  • AI tools can be used to search the most preferred keywords in large text data, thereby optimizing your web content in the best possible manner.
  • NLP can help you target the topics rather than the keywords, which is yet again one of the famous ways of drawing in more audience through topic blogging.
  • AI is one of the best tools to conduct the local search, and hence it helps the local businesses or the companies targeting the local SEO. After all, AI can be targeted geographically easily as compared to other tools.


There is a lot of research still going on about AI and NLP and how their integration together can bring changes in the SEO industry. But, as for now, you can clearly understand how these two technologies are revolutionizing the digital market and helping the businesses to optimize the content for both high SERP rank and ROIs.